Day 3

Donavin left early this morning for the road. I have to admit, I’m a bit sad to see him go. He actually had me going for a bit with that airship business. I wonder if he really was a captain, or if it was just another grandiose tale spun by a lonely traveler?

I learned some interesting facts about Arven today, thanks to a journal that Freya handed me. I’m not sure how she got a hold of it, but I thought it best not to ask.

Evidently the strange outsiders were hired by Darien to be part of an “interrogation” of the patrons at the Rusty Dagger. There’s no way Darien could’ve actually believed they would give up any information willingly. Was he that determined to get into a fight?

Whatever his plans, a fight is what occurred. I’m really not sure how I got dragged into all of this, but I have to admit it’s made my life a lot more exciting. I hadn’t realized what a rut I had gotten myself into. One day I’m serving drinks at the bar as usual, and the next I’m helping Freya drag an unconscious dwarf away from an angry Darien. Who would’ve thought?

Day 3

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